The Benefits Of Taking The Stairs...


These 215 steps of the 'Escadaria Selarón' were an essential part of our leg day the last time we were in Rio!

Here are the benefits of stair walking/sprinting:

Muscle Tone & Strength - The calves, the quads, the hamstrings and the glutes, that's all the muscles of the leg get a bloody good workout. 

Full Body Workout - Although the bulk of the effort is shared by the legs, the pumping of the arms and shoulders help propel you upwards and forwards. 

Fat Dynamite - Need we explain? Try climbing at least 100 steps a day and see what happens.  

Cardiovascular Fitness - It's a great way to strengthen the heart and lungs. You'll find that after doing a few flights of stairs your chest will be beating like a drum (don't overdo it though). 

Abbreviated Workout - Some brainy scientists have established that it provides fat burning and cardiovascular benefits three times faster than walking or running on flat ground. 

Safer For Knees - Compared to running or walking on a flat surface, stairs are low impact. And as long as good technique is maintained, and there are no pre-existing issues it can be a much better alternative. 

Bang For Your Buck - It's cheap as chips! Works your lower and upper body. Torches fat. Provides cardiovascular benefits. Saves time. Better for the knees. That's six for the price of one, or your unhealthy life back. 

Easy To Fit Into Your Day - Where can you find stairs? Almost everywhere! So use them as often as you can.

Challenge Yourself: lunge, hop, take two steps at a time, walk side ways, if your brave enough walk backwards or use weights (try piggybacking someone).

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