Chronic Diseases & Illnesses...


Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and asthma to name but a few have plagued too many of our friends and loved ones over the years.

We don't now profess to know a universal cure or wonder practice that'll magic them away, and neither would we suggest that you should abandon conventional medical treatments, but we do subscribe to the idea that you and your nearest and dearest must become experts in whatever disease you're suffering from.

You're unlikely to end up creating your own miracle drug or supplement but you may discover things that could greatly extend your life and its quality.

It could be that you find out about the importance of certain foods which may be sold just around the corner from you but you've never eaten.

Or it could be that a lifestyle habit or habits you thought so insignificant to your well being in fact need some serious re-adjusting.

Or it could be you stumble upon a form of exercise that if practiced conscientiously fine tunes your immune system to such a degree that it halts a disease taking any more from you. 

Or it could simply be that the shift from being a helpless victim to an empowered force sets your mind on the positive road to recovery. 

Lorenzo Odone, was expected to die in childhood due to a very rare disease called adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). But the tireless research of his parents who had no medical background whatsoever extended his life well into adulthood.

The true story was made into a film called 'Lorenzo's Oil' and the dialogue below is from an exchange between his Mother and Father:

Augusto Odone: When we first went to the Comoros, what did we do? We got to know the country, right?

Michaela Odone: Yes

Augusto Odone: We studied, we got to know the language, resources, its law. We studied, right? We should treat Lorenzo's illness like another country.

Michaela Odone: I don't quite see the analogy.

Augusto Odone: All right, all right. ALD has many dimensions, right?

Michaela Odone: Yes

Augusto Odone: So, in order to understand it, we need to command genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, neurology, ology-ology.

Michaela Odone: Augusto, we don't have time to go to medical school.

Augusto Odone: Michaela, the doctors are in the dark. They're groping in the dark. They've got Lorenzo on a turvy-topsy diet. And that bloody immunosuppression is brutal and useless. Michaela, we should not have consigned him blindly into their hands. He should not suffer by our ignorance. We take responsibility. So... we read a little. And we go out and inform ourselves.

Michaela Odone: But... to miss time with him while he can still speak to us...

Augusto Odone: Yes, I know, I know. But he expects it of us.