Multi-media x Socially Conscious Kit


Seems like our kit's been missed! Over the last year we've had requests, some threatening (you know who you are LOL!), for a return. 

The good news is that we'll be satisfying that demand and releasing limited runs of fizzYcaL kit.

BUT in keeping with our previous brand mission to source ethically produced products we'll be pledging a minimum of 10% of our profits from clothes sales to support garment worker's rights and fair pay.

The textile recycling charity Traid will be the recipients of this pledge. Money they raise goes towards ending child and sweatshop labour. We've had a history of working with them but look forward to doing so regularly.

The remaining profits we raise will fund our other mission of promoting "movement celebrated" media. We hope to bring you more of our own content as well as continuing to curate those of individuals worth following. 

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Watch the trailer for 'True Cost' to learn more about what's reignited our purpose...

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