3 Reasons Asics' #IMoveLondon Video Is So Epic...

1. Features some peeps we know and love!

Big ups too Sanchia Legister, Darren Lewis-Harris, Frankie Holah, Rune Revsbaek and the entire SMSB Global crew and the maestro Charlie Dark! Big ups again to our super hero Frankie Holah! Stupidly proud of her input in the creation of the video concept and proud of her for that...boss back lever!

2 . The campaign targets our hometown of London!

Asics have partnered with the IAAF athletics in the run up to the 2017 world champs in London. As proud Londoners and fans of physicality Asics' #IMoveLondon gets a big salute from us!

3. What an edit!

Pure 🔥!

After watching the full video above checkout these individual athlete vids below:


Frankie Holah


Sanchia Legister


Darren Lewis-Harris


Rune Revsbaek