Cayenne Pepper...

For some cayenne pepper provides eye-watering, head swelling torture and for others adds a touch of zesty flavour to their favourite dishes.

Which ever camp you're in the natural chemical, capsaicin, found in high concentration in cayenne pepper offers a wealth of health benefits:

Cardiovascular - It is a natural stimulant which lowers blood pressure and cleanses the blood without causing palpitations, hyper-activity or increased blood pressure associated with other stimulants.

Pain Reliever and Natural High - The heat from the pepper causes the body to release endorphins which is a natural feel good chemical and pain reliever.

Aids Weight Loss - The rise in body heat from eating cayennes requires a lot of energy and calories which helps speed up the metabolism and burn fat.

Clears Congestion - Stimulates the mucus membranes clearing the nose and lungs of congestion.

Prevents Ulcers - Contrary to popular belief cayenne does not cause stomach ulcers but instead kills off bad bacteria and stimulates the stomach lining to produce more protective digestive juices.

Digestive Benefits - Hydrochloric acid is one such juice and it is essential for food elimination and assimilation. Nutrients get to the muscles, tissues, glands, brain and blood much faster with a bit of cayenne.

Also the mighty pepper helps boost the immune system as it is high in beta-careotene and vitamin A which improve the health of all the bodies protective tissues and mucus membranes.