Nap Hack: Tip For Early Risers...

If you're early risers, like we are, you'll know that after a highly productive morning you're likely experience a slump not to dissimilar in feeling to your chin being replaced by the fists of Tyson, Lennox, Foreman and Ali combined!

Sleep is the best... supplement and if you aren't getting enough then a 20 minute dose of power napping can do wonders.

Power napping for any longer can leave you feeling groggy but some people feel they're in a daze even after a really short zzzzzzz session. 

Help is at hand in the form of a lukewarm pre-nap coffee! The good stuff'll kick-in after 30-40 minutes by which time your alarm would have sounded and you'll start feeling like you're ready to kick the day in the face again!

A word of warning - not all coffees or caffeinated drinks are created equal. Some are treated with chemical pesticides and some use synthetic ingredients ensuring you get that nasty dehydrated feeling with cream of energy crash on top.  

A good quality, usually organic coffee, will be free of these unwanted additives and the 'high' that you get from it will be longer lasting and balanced.