Kuduro And The Kuduro It Girl...

Kuduro sometimes referred to as Afro House is a type of music and dance born in Angola in the 1980s. It infuses African percussion, Soca and Zouk wrapping them together at 140 BPM.

Since its birth Kuduro has been popular in Portuguese speaking African countries. Angolans that emigrated to Portugal bought the sound, dance and culture with them.

The video above featuring vocals from M.I.A is called ‘The Sound of Kuduro” by Portuguese-Angolan band Buraka Som Sistema who were conceived in the music form. In fact Buraka Som Sistema are credited with bringing the music and the dance to international attention.

Much of the credit lies with their charismatic Brazilian born singer and dancer Karla Rodrigues aka Blaya. Here she is performing in what seems to be a dance off in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon:

When she joined the band as a backing singer in 2008 she didn’t know how to dance Kuduro. In just a few years she’s gone from being in the background to fronting the band’s entire shows and becoming one of the bastions of the Kuduro culture.

At the time of writing her Instagram account stands at around 90K and her Facebook page clocks in at just over 300K likes. Some of the recent vids found on her social media have been produced by leading Portuguese film production company Afro Digital. And one of the latest features another talented dancer from Czech Republic called Janca J:

If you’re curious about learning from the Kuduro It Girl we suggest you like/follow her Instagramprofile and Facebook page for more videos, and announcements of workshops near you.

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