Why Your Varied Diet Is Bad For You!

"Charge!" The chase is on! Your're leaping into action, trapping prey! Wild game is everywhere! An abundance of mouth watering exotic fruits rest within easy plucking reach! 

You take in a deep breath and survey the plain. Food glourious food as far as the eye can see, and as much as the belly can consume! This is paradise!


"Ketchup spillage in aisle 10. Please can we have a cleaning technician to aisle 10."

Our ancestors senses would never have been bombarded by the overwhelming food choices we have today.

Variety isn't always the spice of life. Having too much variety can cause what psychologists have called 'decision fatigue' - a psychological state which means the quality of our decisions deteriorates with the more decisions we have to make. 

When the mist of 'decision fatigue' falls the wiley junk food, fake food marketer promises to take us by the...head and lead us to 'salvation'. His weapon of mass indoctrination is to take advantage of our need for convenience. In a society where the demands on our time are huge the ready meal and fast food are king.

Conventional wisdom says regularly varying your healthy meals provides your body with a selection of beneficial nutrients. But the problem is that most people, through good intention, try to vary their diet too often which leads to 'decision fatigue'.

Your best line of defence in our view is some sort of MONOTONOUS DIET! Yes, you read that right...a monotonous diet, where you eat the same foods!

But chill out! We're not advocating eating the same thing for every meal, everyday, year in year out. We're suggesting more that you stick to the same breakfast, the same lunch and the same dinner (and the same in between meals if you have more than 3 meals a day) for a few days or if you can hack it a week or two.

The benefits of not having to daily or hourly decide what to eat are huge. Here's 5:

The junk food, fake food marketer gets you in a submission hold and promises you convenience if you'd just stop struggling for a second. Follow a monotonous diet that's varied every few days and you pry his grip and reverse the choke hold!

You now know what you are going to eat. You don't have to over think what to prepare and how to prepare it. You buy your ingredients in bulk and have now saved time visiting the supermarket or fast food spot. You cook a large amount which you can store in the fridge and reheat later.

You now buy in bulk and take advantage of the attractive discounts that supermarkets and grocery stores always employ. Those two for one deals etc save you a pretty penny in the long run.

And because you know what goes with what and when, you're less likely to waste food! 

Limiting your diet in the short-term makes it more varied in the long-term. A few days of eating the same thing can grate and get a touch tiresome which is brilliant. Brilliant, because eating a monotonous diet that changes every few days likely encourages you to be more adventurous and thoughtful about your cooking and eating.

Knowing that you only have to cook a meal once every few days means your cooking is more considered and your more patient when learning new recipes and methods. 

For those meals that require daily preparation you choose quick and simple recipes that won't cause you stress to prepare, but will hone your cooking skills from daily practice as well as satisfy your belly.

Following a monotonous diet should give you less 'decision fatigue' and ultimately allow you to be more thoughtful and proactive about what you eat.

Happy hunting and bon appetit!