Business Card Ideas For Health & Fitness...

Do you offer 'Superman' like body transformations? Why not try a phone booth business card like Clark & Kent.

Let your clients know what you're about and what you can achieve for them with a fun, cheeky, interactive and memorable card.

Or give them instant feedback.

The Denia Salu Tennis Academy business card needs no explanation.

Get people to flex some muscle and pull your card until the name and number become decipherable. 


You're a masseuse? How about a 'card' that's a massage metaphor. Clients need to loosen the knot to reveal your name and address.


Decisions, decisions! Show potential clients the good life vs bad life and leave them to toggle between them with a slider that says, "the choice is yours."

This is perhaps one for a nutritionist! But your name and contact details will need to be pretty memorable once the card's been eaten.


Here's a similar business card that'll literally go down well with the paleoites. "Beef jerky business cards for one please."

Not a business card but a clever prompt to make sure customers come back to bend and flex with you.

Any Ninjutsu practitioners wanting to leave a lasting impression on potential students?

We want to become skateboarders just so we can get a card like this done! 

How about a business card paper doll? Doubles as a voodoo doll if you make your clients too sore! 

If you help people strip away fat then here's one for you to consider.

Do you teach one of those martial arts that prepares people to fight...bricks? Create a smashing impression with this business card idea.

A mini-yoga mat. That's bound to make an impression.

Here's a business card with a...twist!

Give 'em something they'll go...nuts over!

In the motivational, self-help guru world? This'll make an impact.

If you use machinery to get your clients results then try thinking of a card that illustrates how the machinery is used. 

Simple and effective! 

Keep it even simpler and put a spin on the traditional format to get the point across!

Simple, effective, funny and very memorable!


Not a business card but it's interactive and if you improve people's heart and lung health this could be a memorable advertisement for your brand.

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