Year Of The Six Pack: Resolution Survival Tips...


A little known astrological fact, caused by a peculiar quirk of the universe is that 2015 is again the year of your six pack. 

And with the season of over indulgence ended what you need are some ideas to help keep your good intentions ticking over for the ENTIRE year. 

For a successful fitness regime to survive long past January you'll need ACCOUNTABILITYFOCUSSTIMULATION and THE RIGHT UNIFORM.


Having someone in your corner who you're regularly answerable to and who can motivate you when your cup of motivation is running below...runneth over, can keep you on the right path. 

You could make a gym buddy fitness pact and commit to x number of sessions each week with them. 

Or you could get a personal trainer. Even well weathered highly motivated fitness freaks benefit from employing a PT to coach them through their troughs and plateaus. 

If each year you're failing to commit to your fitness resolution passed spring, and you can afford a couple of sessions a week with a personal trainer then shake off the Ebenezer and get yourself that coaching. 

Another option is to take a fitness selfie once in a while. A short sharp regular dose of narcissim acts as a public declaration that you're in this for the long haul. Also, if you're open and honest about your journey you'll very likely get words of encouragement and support that'll far outweigh any embarrassment. 


Less is most certainly more. Reduce your fitness goals so they're manageable and acheiveable. Seek and destroy by having one or two fitness goals to focus on rather than crashing and burning by overwhelming yourself with too many.

Step off the scales and learn to love the process. Find the fitness activity that you really enjoy doing. Fitness is not a one size fits all, what's good for Peter may not be good for Paul. Some people reach their fitness goals with CrossFit others with Zumba, some with martial arts and others with yoga!

Our mate Ralph, Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "It is a happy talent to know how to play." Whatever you do keep your fitness activity fun. Play with it and leave the boring stuff for the 9-5.

Every so often give yourself a reward for a goal well achieved. Obviously avoid sticky sugary empty carby rewards.  


And talking of rewards, treat yourself to some new fitness wear. What you wear can do wonders to how you feel

Popping into the gym, the yoga stuido or jogging in the park looking like the proverbial million dollars can make you feel like the proverbial million dollars. 

That old t-shirt, those over stretched jogging pants and them beat down sneakers ain't gonna cut it this year! 

Tips, PonderfizzYcaL