Spin Class vs Pentecostal Church! Is There A Difference?


1. An offering is made. 

2. Standing up and sitting down happens frequently. 

3. Numb butt is guaranteed. 

4. An animated highly charged slightly out of breath preacher who thinks she/he can sing offers redemption, loudly. 

5. An equally highly charged very out of breath congregation punctuates the preacher’s sentences with hand claps, occasional “whoops,” random “yeahs,” and frequent shouts of “Jesus Christ” and “Oh Lord!” 

6. Prays for strength and guidance are always forthcoming.

7. God and the Holy Spirit often appear before the congregations’ eyes. 

8. The entire church finds themselves speaking in tongues. 

9. All are baptised by immersion from head to toe. 

10. And when service ends there is an overwhelming feeling the almighty has handed down salvation.